Digital Bunker Solutions

Bunker Connect offers a digital bunker platform and brokerage solution that transforms your processes and saves you time and costs.

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Price Indications
  • Antwerp/Rotterdam LSMGO/DMA 0.1% 0.89 $.../mt
  • Gothenburg/Skagen LSMGO/DMA 0.1% 0.89 $.../mt

A smarter choice

We have created an environment that will help you to supercharge your bunker procurement and management process. Understanding the importance of human interaction, we are always one call away.

digital process


Digitizing your process has many advantages. Communication can be standardized and automated and no more unnecessary repetitive tasks.

time saving

Time saving

RFQ's take between 30 and 45 minutes, and actual time spent is only 10-15 minutes per RFQ. A time saving of around 30 minutes.

reduce costs

Cost reduction

The transaction fees are fully transparent for all parties. We save 1% - 1.5% on your total bunker expenses. Track record is available for review.

analytics and insights

Analytics and Insights

Time to convert available data into powerful information. Keep track of quality of the supplied product, or make sure that the buyer is creditworthy.

A powerful platform for buyers and suppliers

We created Bunker Connect to be there for both buyers and physical suppliers equally. We are independent and focus on bringing added value to all parties involved. See the highlights before zooming in on more details.

buy bunkers

Buy bunkers with peace of mind

Bunkers are about 50-60% of operational running costs of a vessel. This cost item deserves special attention, both from a quality and financial perspective. Bunker Connect gives your control over both aspects.

Account with all your users, vessels, and fuels

Receive live quotes on your RFQ

Analytics, quality control, and archive

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sell bunkers

Sell bunkers and build relationships

Suppliers should have direct access to buyers. Keep the lines short, do business directly and build strong relationships. We will send you standardized RFQ's, help solve issues, and keep you well informed in the process.

Receive standardized RFQ's

Quote on the platform or by email

Analytics, insights, and archive

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Easy to get started

02 Demonstration

A real life or remote demonstration is the next step to understand our services.

03 Go live

After setting up your account, it's time for your first RFQ or quote.