About Us

Konstantin and Mounir during PortXL

Our hometown Rotterdam

Digitizing your bunkers

Ordering bunkers is a time consuming and opaque process. We think this does not have to be the case. Bunker Connect is a bunker procurement and management platform for all your bunker needs around the world. Our solution is more efficient, insightful and will save you costs on transaction fees.

We build our business around minimizing risks for both the buyer and supplier. As a liaison between buyer and supplier, we offer impartial advice and find mutually beneficial solutions. We connect buyers directly with physical suppliers. Therefore, both parties are insured never to end up in a financial dispute due to the insolvency of an intermediary.

We do not gamble with your business.

When a buyer requests bunkers through our platform, all connected suppliers are automatically invited to place their quotes. Our buyers can rest assured knowing that they’re always supplied at the actual market price. All local suppliers are able to bid, and the bunker buyer is completely informed in the process.

We take care of the administrative hassle, everything nicely stored in one place, and connected to your company's systems. Because everything is now digital, our users can see things they’ve never seen before. You can track and monitor everything. In addition we provide smart services such as benchmarking, quality control, strategic procurement and assistance with disputes.

We started developing our business in 2016 as response to a growing demand for transparency in the bunker markets. In February 2018, PortXL recognized Bunker Connect as one of the most promising start-up/scale-up in maritime industry.

Our mission

We do not believe that things have to be the same just because they have been so in the past. Transparency creates better relationships, increases productivity and boosts innovation.

"To empower the maritime industry with transparency in the bunker markets."

Our values

Our values are important to us.


Be honest, open, fair and real.


Because together is more fun.


If it's worth it, go all the way.


We don't settle for less.

Meet our founders

We run Bunker Connect independently.

Konstantin Kaminski


I hold double master’s degree in Strategic Management and Financial Law.

Linkedin profile Mounir

Mounir Bendouch


I hold a master’s degree in Econometrics.