Anthony Veder and Bunker Connect sign contract

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Anthony Veder and Bunker Connect have signed a bunker procurement and management contract for the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) set of ports. Upon successful implementation in the ARA area, Anthony Veder and Bunker Connect will look at further expanding their cooperation.

The partnership enables Anthony Veder to transform its fuel trading procedures, using the Bunker Connect platform that offers real-time fuel trading. This innovative online platform facilitates the entire process starting with a live quotation system to bunker delivery receipts. It also enables fuel quality monitoring by analysis of results and historical data. “Anthony Veder strives to capitalize on digitization and automation opportunities that lead to better connected, more controlled and productive supply chains. Partnering with forward looking companies like Bunker Connect allows us to do just this and to gradually develop and innovate our industry”, says Benne Engelen, Chief Information Officer of Anthony Veder.

Transparency in the bunker market

Bunker Connect started its activities in 2016 in response to a growing demand for transparency in the bunker market. In 2018, PortXL recognized the company as one of the most promising start-ups/scale-ups in the maritime industry. “We are very pleased that the trial period proved we can be of added value to Anthony Veder and are proud that they have contracted us to facilitate the procurement of their bunkers in the ARA area”, Bunker Connect Director Konstantin Kaminski says. “We look forward to expanding our activities with them via our modular approach for strategic bunker operations around the world.”

Contact information
Anthony Veder: Nynke de Bakker, Communications Advisor
T +31 10 40 04 800, E

Bunker Connect: Konstantin Kaminski
T +31 10 340 02 02, E

About Bunker Connect:
Bunker Connect, established in 2016, developed an online bunker procurement and management platform. The company connects bunker buyers and physical suppliers at any time and any place around the world. Bunker Connect has a modular approach always resulting in the required fit with the needs of the customer. Through its online platform the company provides strategic procurement advice, request for quotation and live quoting, administrative handling and quality control. Everything aligned and integrated with our customers systems and processes. For more information:

About Anthony Veder
Anthony Veder, established in 1937, acquired its first gas tanker in 1969. As an integrated shipping company, it serves long-term customers by offering a safe, reliable and flexible service using a wide range of high quality gas carriers. The group is involved in all segments of gas shipping, from CO2 to ethylene and from LPG to LNG and also provides comprehensive and efficient technical and commercial ship management services to third parties. Anthony Veder operates a fleet of more than 30 gas tankers of which seven gas tankers are fueled by LNG. The Rotterdam based shipping company employs over 1,000 people. For more information:

Mounir Bendouch (Bunker Connect), Benne Engelen (Anthony Veder) and Konstantin Kaminski (Bunker Connect)

Mounir Bendouch (Bunker Connect), Benne Engelen (Anthony Veder) and Konstantin Kaminski (Bunker Connect).