Launching “Quality Control” module ahead of IMO 2020 bunker regulations

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Bunker Connect has made the quality control module available in its bundle of services. The module is also separately available as a standalone service.

The online tool is able to extract lab sample reports from all the major laboratories and project bunker quality insights about ports, suppliers and even individual barges. The tool is very flexible and can automatically import data from emails, PDF, API or an online portal.

We are exciting to launch this additional module to our services, especially the sharing capability can be of big value for shipowners dealing with the uncertainties involved with the IMO 2020 regulations and bunkers in general.
Konstantin Kaminski

Find out and compare who is supplying what kind of product in which ports. Shipowners can share the sample reports among each other, creating a robust and reliable database. Shared information can be useful for dealing with the uncertainty about availability of bunkers as we get closer to 2020. Your business sensitive data is anonymized, and the sharing feature is optional.

Our procurement customers can see quality statistics on the live incoming quotes from a supplier, making sure to take quality of the bunkers into the price consideration.

The module is available as of today.

Contact information
Konstantin Kaminski
T +31 10 340 02 02, E

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Impression of the quality module.

Impression of the quality module.