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It's very easy. You will be up and running in minutes, without a complicated installation process. The platform should work for you and not the other way around.


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Here you will find settings that will help you save time. After initial setup, the platform will know your organizational details, users, your vessels including specific fuel grades with the corresponding ISO8217 year, your dedicated invoicing email and other custom settings.

The user roles and access are customizable in line with your needs. Of course you yourself decide with which suppliers you would like to work.

Organizational preferences


Vessels and bunker grades

Suppliers list

Request for Quotation

Placing a request for quotation is very easy. The request window will already show your vessels and corresponding fuels. Indicate the port and ETA/ETD details and you are ready to receive quotes.

The RFQ detail screen will show you all information, like invited suppliers, live quotes with remarks, and a graphical overview. Use the counter function if you think you can get a better deal. Upgrade to Pro or higher plan and see quality performance statistics combined with the incoming quotes.

RFQs with predefined settings

Invited suppliers

Live quotes

Counter offer

Bunker Connect RFQ details
Bunker Connect order


Follow the entire order process from enquiry, order, delivery, invoicing, to archive. The entire process is trackable and auditable, with clear status indications.

We take care of the entire administrative hassle, everything nicely stored in one place, and if needed connected to your company's systems. Don't waste time searching through your email box or multiple sources.

Order confirmation

Supplier's sales confirmation and calling instructions

Invoices and BDN/BDR

Quantity and Quality reports


No need to keep separate sheets to keep track of your bunkers, or wonder how that issue was solved last year. We provide a dashboard that takes care of that.

Benchmark your procurement performance against various sources. When you upload your sample results we make sure to monitor the quality of the supplied product. After connecting your ERP system we can run continuous algorithms to give you procurement advice in real-time.


Order details

Excel/PDF export and API connection

Benchmarks, Quality control, and Strategic procurement

Bunker Connect archive